FUJI Touring



Grafton Pub
4530 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago , IL
United States

Date of Theft

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 5:45pm

Basic Bike Info

Bicycle Type: 
Road Bike
Men's bike for a guy about 5'9"
forest green with gold trim, black rims
Condition of Bicycle / Distinguishing Features: 
FUJI Touring bike. slight scratches on frame with some yellow and white paint chips integrated from a collision of some short on the crossbar. Great condition, mostly factory parts. The fork had to be replaced where a car pulled out in front of me, so the fork is black instead of green.

Owner Information

Contact Email: 
Contact information hidden by Chicago Stolen Bike Registry. Contact the CSBR staff to contact the owner.

Lock Information

How was the lock defeated?: 
Lock is missing, along with the bike.
Lock Type: 
Cable w/ Integrated Key Lock
What was the bike locked to?: 
Locked to bike rack.
How was the bike locked?: 
Locked through rear wheel and frame to object.

Incident Description

Which type of area was your bike stolen from?: 
Sidewalk in front of an open business.
How long was the bike locked in this location?: 
45 minutes
Incident Description: 
Went to Grafton's pub for some burgers. My bike, along with my friend's bike, were locked together and to a U-rack right on Lincoln in full view of several bar patios. There was also a concert going on at a Folk Music center right where the bikes were locked. Came back after eating, and they were gone. The other bike was a small Giant racing bike for a 5'2" rider. We asked around at the patios, including two women who were dining right next to them, but no one saw anything. A report of a "large, black SUV" from one witness that had pulled up and seemed suspicious in her mind, but they didn't see the bikes taken. I think it was a professional job. The location of the incident was a safe and family-friendly area on a beautiful day. Also a good location to find lots of very expensive bikes, since it's an affluent area. My friend had bought her bike only three hours before the incident.

Recovery Information

Recovery Notes: 
At 4PM on 6/16/2013, victim writes: "Thanks for the updates, but I'm elated to report that I recovered the bike today! I went to check out the area where the bike was stolen, hoping to find a business with security cameras, but had no luck. While driving my car back home, I saw out the corner of my eye my bike resting against a U-rack on Lincoln Ave. It was left unlocked, confirmed serial number, so I put it in my car. We waited to see if we could find the person who had been riding it to confront them about the other bike, but no one came back. We're writing up a stolen bike report now for the other. Thanks again, and I'd be happy to write up a recovery report on the site, as I did find motivation to keep looking today after reading those reports!"
This bike was recovered: