RECOVERED Schwinn Men's frame


Removed by admin post recovery
Chicago , IL
United States

Date of Theft

Friday, August 14, 2020 - 10:00pm

Basic Bike Info

Bicycle Type: 
Road Bike
Gray glitter body with rainbow glitter fork
Condition of Bicycle / Distinguishing Features: 
Rainbow glitter fork, glittered body, rear black rack, silver water bottle cage, vintage gold and black bell, black stem, upside-down left (front) brake lever

Owner Information

Owner Name: 
MS (masked by admin post-recovery)
Contact Email: 
Removed post-recovery
Contact Phone Number: 

Lock Information

How was the lock defeated?: 
Not locked.
Lock Type: 
What was the bike locked to?: 
Bike not locked.
How was the bike locked?: 
Not locked.

Incident Description

Which type of area was your bike stolen from?: 
Garage or enclosed parking area.
How long was the bike locked in this location?: 
3 hours
Incident Description: 
Garage door was left open and bike was stolen from inside a residential garage RECOVERY DESCRIPTION: CSBR received an email on August 17th: My bike and my roommate's were stolen from a garage that was accidentally left open. I posted my bike on CSBR immediately and within less than 24 hours, my bike was recovered and returned to me. My neighbor was out for a walk when he spotted three bikes stashed in bushes about half a mile away. He grabbed the bikes and stored them while he worked on finding their owners. A friend of his suggested he check CSBR and sure enough, he found my post and emailed/called me! So happy to have my wheels back. Thanks again!!

Recovery Information

This bike was recovered: