Trek Chelsea City Bike



On Wabansia side, across street from Small Cheval, outside side entrance to Corepower Yoga
1704 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago , IL
United States

Date of Theft

Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 3:30pm

Basic Bike Info

Bicycle Type: 
Road Bike
Serial No.: 
Indy Yellow
Condition of Bicycle / Distinguishing Features: 
Some scuffs on the frame but otherwise, in great condition. Original tires + handlebars + seat. Brown leather seat and handlebar grips. Black rear rack and black fenders on both tires. Small led light attached to back rack. Gold bell on the front handlebar.

Owner Information

Owner Name: 
Emily Schumer
Contact Email: 
emjschumer (at)
Contact Phone Number: 
Police Report No.: 

Lock Information

How was the lock defeated?: 
Lock is missing, along with the bike.
Lock Type: 
Cable w/ Integrated Key Lock
What was the bike locked to?: 
Locked to bike rack.
How was the bike locked?: 
Locked through front wheel and frame to object.

Incident Description

Which type of area was your bike stolen from?: 
Sidewalk in front of a closed business.
How long was the bike locked in this location?: 
1.5 hr
Incident Description: 
Parked bike alongside several other bikes on Wabansia, on a bike rack, next to a Divvy station and behind some cars. Ate lunch outside across the street (Small Cheval). Went back and bike gone — Small Cheval was able to locate exact time and video through their surveillance video. At approximately 3:24 pm, a man approaches the bike. You can see him bend over by the lock for a couple of minutes. He stands up and walks down the block, out of the frame, while on his cell phone. Returns to the bike 1-2 min later, grabs it and rides off going East on Wabansia, under the L and through Park No. 529. When I returned to the bike rack, a different, pretty beat up bike was sitting next to where mine would have been, with no lock.

Recovery Information

Recovery Notes: 
This bike was recovered: